Brigitte ALBERO

Albero_2004.jpgBrigitte ALBERO est professeure à l’Université Rennes 2 (CREAD, EA 3875et présidente du Conseil national des universités (70e section).
Ses travaux sont consacrés à l’étude des environnements de formation qui facilitent les apprentissages dans une perspective d’autonomisation. Elle travaille plus particulièrement sur la formation à l'âge adulte, notamment dans l’enseignement supérieur.








Ola_Erstad.jpgThe learning lives of digital youth; studying new mobilities across educational boundaries

Efforts to understand the dynamic processes of learning situated across space and time are presently challenging traditional conceptions of learning and education. Whereas most studies of learning explore intra-institutional experiences, my interest is to track learning trajectories across domains and contexts. The challenge is to find ways of understanding the interconnections and networking between ‘in-and-out-of-school’(Hull & Schultz, 2002), what some describe as ‘new mobilities’ (Leander, Phillips & Taylor, 2010), enhanced by digital technologies. I have used the term ‘learning lives’ (Erstad, 2013; Erstad & Sefton-Green, 2013) to unpack a focus on students in motion across contexts of learning, and how they connect different domains of knowledge. I will present empirical data about (dis-) continuities (Bronkhorst & Akkerman, 2015) of students and their boundary crossing activities. These issues are important to study in themselves, but also in order to reflect on the broader sociocultural perspectives of ‘21st century skills’ and the future competence developments of lifelong learners, as well as the purpose of education in contemporary societies; education for whom and in what way ?

M. Ola Erstad est chef du département d'Éducation de l'Université d'Oslo. Ses interêts de recherche se portent notamment sur la construction des connaissances "in motion" à travers les contextes d'apprentissage (projet KnowMo) et  aux littératies locales et communautaires.

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